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  The law firm of Tisdale & Nicholson was established with a singular goal in mind: to provide to the general business community high quality legal services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. At Tisdale & Nicholson, we are dedicated to our clients and the advancement of their business opportunities; as goal-oriented pragmatists, we cut through the often unnecessary and time-consuming formalities clients often have to bear, and pay for, at large firms.

  Our business attorneys have, over the course of many years at large nationally-known law firms, actively represented depository institutions, holding companies, investment banks, entertainment, real estate and other business and financial entities, while our litigation attorneys have represented clients involved in such diverse industries as oil and gas, real estate and high technology. We therefore recognize the value of superior professional work - we know that by refusing to assign client matters to inexperienced attorneys or to over-staff matters, we are able to provide top-quality service with reduced costs. To us, the value of legal services depends primarily upon the results obtained and is not merely a function of attorney time multiplied by an hourly rate.

  At Tisdale & Nicholson, we strive to satisfy our clients' needs for prompt, expert service at competitive rates. Because of our level of experience, we are able to respond rapidly to client needs without undue start-up time. Our first step is to determine a client's objectives and our second step is to achieve them.

  We are proud of the results we have obtained for our clients. Our extensive experience in matters pertaining to financial services has provided us with an intimate knowledge, not only of the laws relevant to the area, but also of the people who implement and enforce the laws and regulations. These working relationships have proven invaluable to us and to our clients.


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